DigitalNote Q1 2021 in Review

It’s hard to imagine how only about a few months ago crypto was a popular topic of debate — whether it was just hype or it had some real use! In last few months, crypto has nailed its place as one of the most promising areas of our time.

While there are tons of new project emerging everyday, it reminds us of the era when the internet had just started. Every new project grabbed attention — whether sound or not. While the crypto ecosystem continues to evolve, OGs like DigitalNote continue to march forward with their plans, believing that the actions speak louder than the words — that “doing” stuff is more important than “creating hype” by prematurely talking about it.

While there is a lot of good work going on right now that we will share more about when the right time comes, we want to take a pause to share our progress and a few major highlights during Q1 2021.

  1. Integration with Binance Smart Chain

XDN, the native currency of DigitalNote blockchain became available on Binance Smart Chain as wXDN (Wrapped XDN). As of writing this, we have 570 wallets with wXDN on BSC — we consider that a good success.

This was a huge step in DigitalNote’s journey toward making it the blockchain of choice when it comes to cryptocurrency, DeFi features, and interoperability.

As a result, users are able to:

2. Listing on Pancake Swap

We got wXDN listed on Pancake Swap, the top DEX (Decentralized Exchange) in the Binance Ecosystem.

As a result, users are able to:

You can find here a list of all the benefits that this integration with the Binance Smart Chain & Pancake Swap offers the DigitalNote ecosystem.

3. 267% APY for Pool Contribution on PancakeSwap

We allocated 1,000,000 wXDN as rewards to the pool contributors for the first month period. Given the total pool contribution, it amounted to 267% APY for anyone who participated in contributing to the pool within the dates published. We will continue to run pool contribution rewards program that not only benefits our existing community with lucrative rewards but also helps the new investors find liquidity for XDN.

4. Started Development for Mobile Wallet

We kicked off the mobile wallet work. We intend to support secure messaging from within the mobile wallet.

In the first phase, we are looking at the technology architecture and the user experience aspects. We’re hoping to make a significant progress on this during Q2 2021.

5. Ran wXDN Giveaway

We ran a wXDN giveaway to celebrate Binance Smart Chain & Pancakeswap integration. We distributed 500 wXDN each to more than 300 eligible participants.

6. Website re-fresh

The team put together a new look for the website to reflect DigitanNote’s changing world.

7. Listed XDN/USDT Pair on WhiteBIT

Our community requested it, and we acted on it. The new XDN/USDT pair saw trading volumes on some days in excess of US $100,000 per day.

8. Held aTrading Competition on WhiteBit

DigitalNote and Whitebit jointly ran a trading competition on our newly listed XDN/USDT pair. The contest was a huge success in terms of number of participants and the trading volumes.

8. 2XDN Use Case

The team has been working hard on 2XDN use case. We’re currently heading in a direction that will make our community very happy. But like we have said, we don’t want to share it prematurely. So please hold your 2XDN tight.




DigitalNote project aims to make a difference in the world of cryptocurrencies, secure messaging, and DeFi. XDN transactions are instant, zero fee, and safe.

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DigitalNote project aims to make a difference in the world of cryptocurrencies, secure messaging, and DeFi. XDN transactions are instant, zero fee, and safe.

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